The Brand


Inspired by the fashion world, Goldie, a black-owned online boutique owner, founded Dare U Boutique - a fashion-forward; fit-focused; luxury swimwear and beachwear brand geared toward those who dare, that would inspire confidence and compliments. All pieces are customized using the highest-quality Italian Lycra fabrics designed to accentuate every woman's body type. Dare U Boutique serves diverse and fashion-forward women that aren't afraid to be recognizably Daredevils in their bikinis.

Dare U Boutique will mainly focus on swimwear, however, you will typically find a few chic vacation wardrobe essentials on our site. Our goal is too typically have as many distinctive styles to reflect our #DaredevilBabe creative mood for the weekend. 


Okay, brief intermission:

Most people grow up with expectations of what their life will be. If they don’t, society generally chimes in with its own ideas about the milestones we should hit by certain ages. But the secret is: life rarely goes as planned!

Back to regularly scheduled program:

Well, our #DaredevilBabes doesn’t live by a traditional state of mind, but by the whim of her motives. She is bold, confident, and daring. She’s like a Daredevil! Her carefree style reflects her laid-back, down-to-earth spirit that's ready for an adventurous Summer while typically wearing her daring bikini.

Use the #DareDevilBabe hashtag on all social media platforms so we can see you in your daring bikini and to be featured!


Dare U Boutique was founded in 2012 with the intent to sell women's clothing and accessories online. My business became successful with support from many influencers and celebrities and family and friends. While fashion continues to remain my passion, I decided in 2018 to take on a new direction, focusing on custom swimwear and beachwear designed by me! While designing each piece, I still look to the latest styles coming off the runway and work them into my designs.

Dare U is designed for the women who care about the quality, versatility, and how it would never go out of style. As I focus mainly on swimwear, you can find a few chic vacation wardrobes essentials on the site as well. I want to thank my customers for continuing to support me. 

Make sure you use the #DaredevilBabe hashtag on all social media platforms so we can see you in your daring bikini!